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About Us.

Our story is that of gustatory satisfaction brought about by the unique taste of the boerewors.

Our Boerewors

is said to be beautiful and comes highly recommend by an ever-increasing fan base. 

About Us

Boerewors in Melbourne

We are a family owned business and our goal is to produce the best boerewors in Melbourne. We seek to bring a Southern African favourite and make it a household name across Australia. Australians deserve great quality products and over the last 10 years we have invested a lot of time and energy into perfecting our craft.

Our products are premium in quality, flavoursome and made from the best Australian beef and or pork. The meat we use is carefully selected and graded to ensure the best quality product. In addition of the mean, we use a unique blend of spices  that has been perfected over time. Our aim is to  deliver very unique flavours that will leave you wanting more.

The boerewors we make is made up of just the meat and spices. We do not add any fillers found in many other sausages.  This helps deliver superior sausages that the whole family will love. When you eat a Zangers  premium sausage you will get premium flavours and you will surely taste the difference.

We believe good company and great tasting food go hand in hand. Boerewors is great for the bbq and will go hand in hand with your favourite beverage.

 Once you try our range you are sure to fall in love.  For the best boerewors in Melbourne and some exciting meal options visit our online shop and the recipe section

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Our Food Policy

We adhere to Australian Food Standards. Our facilities and processes are Primesafe approved and are routinely audited by SGS Australia.

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